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About Red Dirt Jeep® Club


Established in 2011, Red Dirt Jeep® Club began as a group of friends in Yukon, OK who called themselves the Yukon Mudders. The plan was to have local off-roading trips, cookouts and lots of family-friendly fun. In 2020 we officially made the Club an official non-profit 501c7.

Red Dirt Jeep® Club is a non-profit organization of members who stand by these core values:

  • Friendship: The main purpose of this organization is social. Red Dirt Jeep® Club wants to help engage new friendships while having fun learning about our vehicles and their capabilities through events like off-road adventures, regular meetings and other social events.

  • Family: Red Dirt Jeep® Club’s official sanctioned events are family-friendly. Sharing our passion for off-roading with our kids is important because they are the future stewards of the off-road community.

  • Community: As an organization, we want to give back to the community through charitable donations, time spent at community functions, and supporting local businesses.

  • Safety: As an organization, we want to educate our members how to wheel safely and to leave no trace in our wild places.

our board of directors:
Megan Watham


Driver of PHASMA

Barb Hull


Driver of Fat Toad

Matthew Morgan


Driver of Carnage

Greg Hincke


Driver of Sherpa

Duane "Deke" Patterson

Sergeant at Arms

Driver of Noticon

Heather Agnew

Board Member

Bobby Cleveland

Board Member


For event information or if you would like to invite us to your event, contact Megan at

Club By-laws
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