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Welcome to the Club! 

Member FAQs


• How can I renew my membership?

Dues are renewed every January 1. If you sign up in November or December of the previous year, your membership transfers for the new year. Annual dues are $20 for an individual or $30 for a family membership.

Membership dues help support things that further our mission and core values–Friendship, Family, Community, and Safety.

• How can I order stickers?

We have lots of options to choose from!

• Where can I get the most current info on events and Club happenings?

Join or Facebook Group! This is where all the magic happens. Ask questions, get event information, receive exclusive members-only benefits!

• Do you offer swag (t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc.)? 

We do! Members can purchase many different items and they will ship directly to your door. 

• Have more questions? Send us an email!

membership benefits


In-store and online discounts from our sponsors!

Exclusive access

Exclusive access to private events!


Access to a wealth of knowledge in our private group.



Guaranteed first access to any special offers!

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